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Digital Publishing & Innovation
Benchmarking an organization's digital competencies is critical to determining your optimal future state. INCITE will assess your print and digital content assets, technology platforms, pricing strategies and commercial models for new media. We will uncover opportunities for innovation and the right path to transformation.

Build Out ... and Up
Organizations in transition, by definition, lack critical personnel and knowledge to shepherd a company in a new direction. Let the INCITE team fill those knowledge and resource gaps with short and long-term leadership from project kick-off to achievement of the final milestone or hand-off to newly hired and trained personnel.

Market Research
Customer Insight is the corner-stone of any development process. INCITE can help you gain the business intelligence required to make smart decisions today and for the future.

Understanding the resources required for your platform and application solutions to best suit your business is a daunting task. Making internal and external resources work well together with legacy systems can challenge any organization. INCITE will help you properly assess your resource needs, facilitate RFP development, and be your partner in executing all stages of an agreed-upon solution.




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